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RESEARCH BRIEF: Building Innovative Corporate Cultures Using Action Learning Creativity, Innovation, and Corporate Culture

Melissa Brenes, VT visiting undergraduate student from Costa Rica Tech. Contact Melissa at

Creativity and innovation are linked as concepts but also they show differences. Marsick (2009) defines creativity as “the production of novel, appropriate ideas in any realm of human activity”. This definition features creativity more like an individual capability. Innovation, as Marsick (2009) suggests “involves group and organizational capabilities needed to produce, market, and sell the fruits of creativity”. Despite the differences in their core definitions, both individual creativity and organizational innovations are influenced by corporate culture.

According to Burke & Litwin (1992), creativity and innovation in corporate culture is affected by two kinds of variables that influence organizational change:

  • Transformational: variables that are affected when a company interacts with the external environment (trigger change in mission, strategy, leadership and culture)
  • Transactional: variables at the work climate level (management, practices, structure, systems, skills, motivation, needs

Figure 1.Perception of the inclusion of CI process in the vision and mission by years of experience and type of business

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